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Walking With the Enemy - (2014)

الأنواع: الأداء دراما تاريخي
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As the war reaches its climax, Germany begins to doubt the loyalties of its allies--in particular, the leader of Hungary, Regent Horthy (Academy Award® winner Ben Kingsley). He is ultimately faced with ceding power to another political party or accepting the execution of his son.
As the crisis unfolds, thousands of his citizens are forced underground or moved into ghettos. One of them is a young man named Elek Cohen (Jonas Armstrong) who is separated from his family and determined to find them. Aided by the woman he loves (Hannah Tointon), Elek confronts the enemy by becoming one of them.
In a race against time, the Regent takes great risks to save his country, while the couple embarks on a thrilling journey of love, courage, and sacrifice to save their families and thousands of others.

Directed by: Mark Schmidt
Produced by:
Mark Schmidt
Randy Williams
Christopher Williams
D. Scott Trawick
Brian Schmidt
Screenplay by: Kenny Golde
Story by: Mark Schmidt
Jonas Armstrong
Ben Kingsley
Simon Kunz
Hannah Tointon
Simon Dutton
Cinematography: Dean Cundey
Editing by: Richard Nord
Studio: Liberty Studios, Inc.
Distributed by: Liberty Studios, Inc.
Running time: 123 minutes
Country: United States
Language: English
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