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Free Birds - (2013)

Genres: Animation Comedy
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2 turkey come together for their freedom. For taking the turkey foods off the menu's, they come together and travel in time. Reggie is very happy and doesn't have a problem, but he finds himself getting ready for Thanksgiving day in Whitehouse. One day, when he gets stolen by a turkey named Jake, he learns the real purpose being there. Reggie is not the special guest of the day, he will be used as an usual meal on a table. Regie and Jack decide to escape from this great building, while escaping, they find a secret Lab of the government. The time machine they find in this Lab takes them to 1621, the date when Thanksgiving was celebrated for first time.

Directed by: Jimmy Hayward
Produced by: Scott Mosier
Craig Mazin
John J. Strauss
David l. Stern
Screenplay by: Jimmy Hayward
Scott Mosier
Story by: David I. Stern
John J. Strauss
Starring: Owen Wilson
Woody Harrelson
Amy Poehler
Music by: Dominic Lewis
Studio: Reel FX Creative Studios
Relativity Media
Distributed by:   Relativity Media
Country: United States
Language: English
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