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Cake - (2014)

Genres: Drama
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Claire Simmons is in pain. Her physical pain is evident in the scars that line her body and the way she carries herself, wincing with each tentative step. She’s no good at hiding her emotional pain either. Blunt to the point of searing insult, Claire’s anger seethes out of her with nearly every interaction. She has driven away her husband, her friends — even her chronic-pain support group has kicked her out.

The only one left in Claire’s otherwise solitary existence is her housekeeper-cum-caretaker, Silvana, who barely tolerates her boss’ need for liquor and prescription pills. But the suicide of Nina, one of Claire’s fellow chronic-pain group members, prompts another fixation. In pursuing questions about the death of a woman she barely knew, Claire explores the boundaries between life and death, abandonment and heartbreak, danger and salvation. As she inserts herself into the lives of Nina’s husband and the son Nina left behind, Claire just might find salvation.

Directed by: Daniel Barnz
Produced by: Ben Barnz
Kristin Hahn
Courtney Solomon
Mark Canton
Written by: Patrick Tobin
Starring: Jennifer Aniston
Adriana Barraza
Mamie Gummer
Felicity Huffman
William H. Macy
Chris Messina
Lucy Punch
Britt Robertson
Anna Kendrick
Sam Worthington
Music by: Christophe Beck
Cinematography: Rachel Morrison
Edited by: Kristina Boden
After Dark Films
Echo Films
Distributed by: Cinelou Releasing
Running time:
102 minutes
Country: United States
Language: English
Budget: $7-10 million
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