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GHOST SHIP - (2002)

Genres: Drama Mystery Thriller
Cinemu Score
by Cinemu editors.
This Movie is a LOW RATED movie with MID-LEVEL INNAPROPRIATE CONTENT. You may have to watch some inappropriate content, however; it does not dominate the entire movie.

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In May 1962, dozens of wealthy passengers are dancing in the ballroom of an Italian ocean liner, the Antonia Graza, while an Italian woman sings "Senza Fine.". On the deck, a young girl named Katie, is sitting alone, until the Captain of the boat himself offers the dance. Elsewhere, a hand presses a lever that unravels a thin wire cord from a spool. The spool snaps and the wire slices across the dance floor like a blade, bisecting the dancers. Only Katie is spared, due to the Captain leaning protectively over her, and her height. The Captain's face splits open at mouth level as the top of his head falls off as Katie screams in horror.

Director: Steve Beck
Writers: Mark Hanlon (story), Mark Hanlon (screenplay)
Stars: Julianna Margulies, Gabriel Byrne and Ron Eldard
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