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Kidnapping Mr. Heineken - (2015)

Genres: Action Crime Drama
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1983, a group of childhood friends pulled off the crime of the century: kidnapping one of the richest men in the world, the heir of the Heineken beer empire (Anthony Hopkins). The shocking capture--by gunpoint on the streets of Amsterdam--resulted in the largest ransom ever paid for a kidnapped individual. It was truly the perfect crime…until they got away with it.

Passport by İhsan


Sexual and Erotic Content
Occasional sexual and/or erotic content and innuendo.
Occasional nudity or some scenes with non-appropriate clothing.
Sexual Violence
No Sexual violence throughout the movie.
Alcohol and/or Drug abuse
Occasional alcohol and/or drug use.
There are not homosexual relations in the movie.
Aggressive Behavior and/or Violence
Some aggressive behavior and/or violence.
Some profanity.
Household violence and adultery
No household violence and/or adultery.
Negative references to any religion or belief
No negative references to religion or belief.
Negative role models and messages for teens
Some negative role models and messages for teens.
Positive family values
Occasional positive family values.
Positive representation of Islam
There is no reference to Islam and Muslims.

Directed by: Daniel Alfredson
Produced by: Judy Cairo
Howard Meltzer
Michael A. Simpson
Carole Peterman
Guirec van Slingelandt
Berry van Zwieten
Martin Metz
Bastien Sirodot
Eric Brenner
Darrel Casalino
Grant Guthrie
Nadia Khamlichi
Adrian Politowski
Sandra Siegal
Sam Solakyan
Gilles Waterkeyn
Written by: William Brookfield
Peter R. de Vries (author)
Starring: Anthony Hopkins
with Sam Worthington
Jim Sturgess
and Ryan Kwanten
Music by: Clay Duncan
Lucas Vidal
Cinematography: Fredrik Bäckar
Edited by: Håkan Karlsson
European Film Company
Informant Europe SPRL
Distributed by: A Plus Films (Bulgaria)
Front Row Filmed Entertainment (UAE)
Running time:
95 min
Country: United Kingdom
Language: English
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