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Miss Julie - (2014)

Genres: Drama
Cinemu Score
by Cinemu editors.
This Movie is a LOW RATED movie with MID-LEVEL INNAPROPRIATE CONTENT. You may have to watch some inappropriate content, however; it does not dominate the entire movie.

Miss Julie (2014) on IMDb
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Julie, who was raised with a lifestyle of an aristocrat, is powerful, and she knows the power she has, so she terrorizes the house. When Julie's tempting and brave behaviors and his father's stewards' brave behaviors come together, this terror becomes a love.

Directed by: Liv Ullmann
Produced by: Tristan Orpen Lynch
Aoife O'Sullivan
Teun Hilte
Oliver Dungey
Synnøve Hørsdal
Screenplay by: Liv Ullmann
Based on: Miss Julie 
by August Strindberg
Starring: Jessica Chastain
Colin Farrell
Samantha Morton
Cinematography: Mikhail Krichman
Edited by: Michal Leszczylowski
company :
Maipo Film
The Apocalypse Films Company
Distributed by: Columbia TriStar
Release dates
7 September 2014 (TIFF)
Running time: 133 minutes
Country: Norway
Language: English
Budget: $5,500,000
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