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The Amazing Spider-Man - (2012)

Genres: Action Adventure Fantasy
Cinemu Score
by Cinemu editors.
This Movie is a HIGH SCORE movie with MID-LEVEL INAPPROPRIATE CONTENT. You may have to watch some inappropriate content however; it does not dominate the entire movie.

 The Amazing Spider-Man
(2012) on IMDb
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Peter Parker is a teenager left by his family to his uncle and aunty..Peter, a shy and unsocial young, looking for the answers for who he really is and where he belongs like any other teen. He finds a bag belongs to his father and decides to search for the mystery laying behind the disappearance of his parents. Following this turning point of his life, he meets Dr.Connor, the thing is that nothing will be the same for Peter anymore.

Directed by: Marc Webb
Produced by:
Laura Ziskin
Avi Arad
Matt Tolmach
Screenplay by:
James Vanderbilt
Alvin Sargent
Steve Kloves
Story by: James Vanderbilt
Based on:
by Stan Lee
Steve Ditko
Andrew Garfield
Emma Stone
Rhys Ifans
Denis Leary
Campbell Scott
Irrfan Khan
Martin Sheen
Sally Field
Music by: James Horner
Cinematography: John Schwartzman
Editing by:
Alan Edward Bell
Pietro Scalia
Laura Ziskin Productions
Marvel Entertainment[1]
Distributed by: Columbia Pictures
Running time: 136 minutes
Country: United States
Language: English

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