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HOW TO CONTRIBUTE CINEMU CONTENT? is a new movie evaluation site based on Islamic family needs and  targets the moral values by informing the children and youth who are unprotected against moral degeneration and it aims to protect the family, which is the building stone of Muslim society.
It is not established for Muslim World only, but also for entire humanity, which is looking for moral, ethical, virtuous, family values and worried for the degeneration of young generations.

HOW TO CONTRIBUTE CINEMU CONTENT? has been well adjusted to let users enter as much as information possible since only we can reach our aims with users participation in content producing. Any ordinary user may contribute the following information without being an editor or administrator;

First you should register using the menu on the top right corner of the site to be able to make entries.

After making log in you may search any movie and go to movie page. You can use ‘’Review Movie” and “Passport Entry” buttons at the bottom of the page to enter information.

While entering just related information in the blank area is enough for making review, you need to answer a few question to make passport entry. It could be considered as a short survey about the movie you have watched. Besides answering the question using standard forms,  you can add your own comment for each criteria using blank area in the survey.

4. Your review as and passports are not published immediately. Our editors will check it as soon as possible and approve in a short time.

You may create your own audience by making strong passports since users can reach all the passports that have been created by a certain member.
We will be keen to upgrade active members to editor status after having enough experience and history in content contribution.