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It Boy ( 20 ans d'écart ) - (2013)

Жанры: Комедия
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Редакторами Cinemu
Фильм получил НИЗКУЮ ОЦЕНКУ со СРЕДНИМ ПОКАЗАТЕЛЕМ НЕПРИЕМЛЕМОГО КОНТЕНТА. Несмотря на присутствие доли непристойного содержания, оно все же не доминирует.

20 ans d'écart (2013) on IMDb
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The editor of a fashion magazine, Alice dreams to be the editor in chief, but she has many rivals. Because of her career, she ignored her love life for years. One day he meets a student named Bathazar on a plane. Bathazar gets affected by Alice. And Alice meets with Bathazar once again. The boss of Alice thinks that they are in a relationship, and gets a positive impact from it. While she can't tell the truth to the boss for promotion, she decides to continue the lie. But the love that started as a game, starts to affect Alice.



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