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About Us is a safe Movie Guide for Muslim movie fans. Cinemu is a business project targeting niche market of Muslim movie lovers who like to watch movies together with their families and friends without hesitation about inappropriate content regarding their lifestyle and values.There are 1.7 billion Muslim populations in the world and this population is one of the most concerning group about the harmful content. Cinemu project is prepared to answer the needs of Muslim movie lovers. Cinemu is a business project but targeting religious audience because of their booming interest in Hollywood and international movies. Although Cinemu specifically targets the movie reviewing needs of Muslim population, we are sure that its standards will match the safety needs of any person concerning about harmful content. The main difference will be “Islamic Movies” section and their availability in the “Safest Movie” sectionBeside the review of any show time movies, there are 4 specific features for users.

  1. Safety Bar to choose movies between “Safest” to “Most Rated”
  2. Safer Movie section contains movies safer than Hollywood average.
  3. Safest Movie section contains movies safer than Muslim World average.
  4. Erotic scenes and Nudity creates more concerns in Muslim world than other harmful content. This fact has been considered while evaluating the movies.
Turkish entrepreneurs with the support of Turkish angel investors own Cinemu. It is one of the first angel investor experiences in Muslim IT ventures in Turkey. The site is based in Istanbul, Turkey.